FBI virus removal for Windows 7 

As much as individuals are threatened with the FBI virus linked to the FBI, the same is hardly true. The virus is just another attempt of scaring its victims into believing that it is a legitimate warning coming from the FBI.

The bogus FBI warning is unfortunately a worldwide threat today that unexpectedly takes your computer hostage. It is still undetermined how it enters, although most believe it has to do with serious vulnerability of your computer and, probably, even lack of proper anti-malware software installed on your system. The contemporary range of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and many others is also vulnerable, since there are members there who spread a lot of infected applications contained in the links that can be easily shared with other persons.

The FBI Virus holds a computer hostage under the pretext of downloading and distributing child pornography, sending massive unsolicited spam to various addressees, downloading illegal software, audios and videos, and even visiting the sites of terrorist organizations for the purpose of supporting them. As you see, the list of such fake accusations is quite large. The malware that locked the computer says that in order to have this FBI warning removed users must pay the fine using one of the payment systems – Ukash, Paysafecard, GreenDot MoneyPak or Reloadit.

Needless to say, this mode of infecting the PC with a virus that demands a ransom is a quick get rich scheme. In order to have your Windows 7 computer unlocked from this scam, please follow the simple and clear malware removal guidelines below.

1. Shut down your computer by pressing the “Power” button continuously.

2. Start up your computer and as your computer is booting up, press the “F8" key before the Window logo appears.

3. Using your keyboard arrows select the “Repair Your Computer" option and press "Enter”.

4. Choose your preferred input language in the first screen and press “Next”.

5. Input your login password and press “OK” to continue.

6. Click on “System Restore" option.

7. At the next screen choose “Next”.

8. At the next screen choose a restore point date* before your computer was infected from “FBI Virus” and choose “Next”.

*If you don’t see all the restore points, check the "Show more restore points"option.

9. At the next screen, review your choices and press “Finish

10. Wait until “System Restore” process is completed.

11. When the system restore is completed, restart your computer.

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